Jade: Rockford’s Beautifully Boho-Chic Boutique by Style Logic

“When you walk into Jade, the first thing you notice is the immense amount of character and charm that both the building and the style selection have. The space that the shop occupies is huge, much larger than you can tell from the outside. Cronkright stocks everything from designer denim to hand made Michigan tailored accessories, […]

The 411 in the 616 by The GR Guide

Thanks to The GR Guide for the special shoutout! “You can now shop for your Fall wardrobe with Jade’s new online boutique.” Read the full article by Sara Visser here.  

Throwback Style Squad: New York Fashion Week 2009

“Some of the looks we loved, some we hated, some did nothing but draw laughs. We narrowed the scope of our scrutiny to 10 looks.” See the looks and get Julie’s throwback take on Fashion Week 2009 from Kate Nagengast on mlive, here.